Welcome to MSFSTools.com !

Here you can get the SimConnect client for the Mobile/tablet app.

Download the latest version

the latest android version (APK) is available here in case you don't want to wait Google approval.

How to use it?

  1. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator
  2. Launch the MSFSTools Connect app on the same computer
  3. Press Magenda button to Connect to the MSFS Simulator
  4. You will need to get your local computer address - you should see it in the MSFSTools Connect app
  5. Connect your Tablet to the same network where the MS Flight Simulator is running
  6. Start the app on your Tablet
  7. Enter the IP address and port from the app
  8. Press Connect
  9. Enjoy!

MSFS G3000 MFD App

If you have issues write me at lavrushin@gmail.com

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